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The Agile Elements Company

Agile specializes in laundry and spray treatments for all the fabrics in your life.
We use the highest-quality Earth-sourced ingredients for you.

Purify While
You Wear

Laundry Karma Wash Booster is made from a special blend of Agile’s Silver Technology that will protect your clothes - and anything they touch - from bacteria, mold and mildew.

Laundry Karma

Refresh Where
You Live

Namast-Spray is specifically designed to bind to fabrics and provide lasting protection. Perfect for couches, cars, rugs, shoes, and anything else that can not go into the laundry.


Cleanse While
You Workout

Agile Sport is our performance blend for your on the go lifestyle. Designed to target odor-causing bacteria, Agile Sport will allow you to remain fresh and clean after a sweaty workout or on a hot summer day.

Agile Sport

Earth Sourced.

Agile Silver has natural properties that closely resemble hand-sanitizers and disinfectants without the nasty chemicals. Just as powerful and effective, silver can help you protect against dangerous bacteria and viruses.

The best part, unlike industrial sanitizers, Agile Silver works gently and is safe for young children, pets, and is easy on your skin. Agile silver is effective at warding off the yucky germs that cause acne and blemishes, keeping your skin radiant and beautiful.

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