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Agile Sport

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Agile Sport

Agile Sport is your perfect on-the-go companion. Made with an extra-strength version of our popular Namast-Spray, Agile Sport is ideal for treating your clothes when you're out and about. Agile sport is proven to safely eliminate 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria so now there is never an excuse to be smelly on a hot day.

Agile sport is made to be agile, it fits economically in your purse, gym bag, or cup holder. Now you can always have Agile when you need it.


On The Go Clean and Fresh


As Active As
You Are

Agile Sport, Agile Lifestyle

Agile Sport

Agile Sport works wonders on the smelly shoes and workout gear that doesn't quite belong in the washing machine. A fews sprays and you'll notice the stink stop.

Let your space be free of musky odors and ensure freshness for you and your family. We believe you'll love Agile Sport so much we created the Agile Sport family pack.

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