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Agile Silver

  • Is Agile Silver Natural and Eco-friendly

    Yes, Agile sources pure Earth-born silver and since siver is natural the environmental impact is minimal.

  • Is Agile Silver harmless for your skin

    Yes, Agile is certifiably hypoallergenic and can actually help improve your skin by eliminating acne and blemish causing bacterias.

  • How Does Agile Silver Work

    Agile silver is comprised of millions of tiny silver crystals that are specifically engineered to stick to the little porous gaps in the weaves in your fabrics. The size of each silver particle was designed precisely to embed itself in a sustainable way, providing you with lasting effects.

    The Agile silver particles strategically stick in the same crevices where bacterias like to live. When these bacteria come into contact with silver, they essentially become sterile and explode from the inside out. Silver uniquely has this ability because of its strong ionic properties. When bacteria comes in contact with a silver ion, the ion easily enters the cell and almost immediately does two notable things: disrupts cell division and blocks cell respiration. When a silver ion blocks cell division, the bacteria ceases reproduction and multiplication is halted. Silver stops bacteria growth. Almost as quickly, silver interrupts the respiratory process of bacteria, blockading normal energy production and paths. This causes an unsustainable internal pressure that bursts the cell wall. Thus a simple silver ion quickly and effectively destroys 99.99% of bacteria and prevents any future growth. This property of silver proven to be effective for a very wide gamut of common bacterias.

  • Is Agile Silver Safe for children and pets

    Yes, Agile silver is very safe, however, we do not recommend consuming it.

  • How is Agile Diffrent from other silver infused fabrics

    Agile is different and better than all other silver fabrics because we give you the power to treat any of your own fabrics. Our innovation was to democratize the silver solution that other brands use in production. Up until now, infusing silver into fabrics required a complicated and expensive manufacturing process. We simplified it and made it work for you, on whatever fabrics you want. The same results now on your favorite fabrics and much cheaper.

Laundry Karma

  • Can I apply Laundry Karma with Detergent

    Yes, Laundry Karma is made to be an additive to your normal wash process. A simple booster. Apply Laundry Karma on or with your prefered detergent, in the same manner.

  • What Happens If I Use Bleach With Laundry Karma

    Do not use bleach with Laundry Karma. Bleach will neutralize the Laundry Karma.

  • How Many Washing Loads Are In A Single Bottle

    There are approximately 120 loads worth of Laundry Karma in each bottle.

  • Soak? Please Elaborate

    For best results we recommend soaking your clothes for 15 minutes before the wash cycle. Soaking Laundry Karma gives the Agile silver time to fully embed itself into your fabrics. Soaking is not necessary, it only optimizes.

  • How Long Does A Treatment Of Laundry Karma Last

    A single treatment of Laundry Karma can maintain effectiveness for multiple days and weeks. It can even keep through a couple of subsequent wash loads.

  • What is the differnce between Laundry Karma and detergent

    Detergent is a soap and cleans your clothes of dirt and grime. Detergent can have antimicrobial properties and remove bacteria, mold, and mildew in the wash process but the antimicrobial effects very quickly dissipate once washing is complete. Laundry Karma, however, provides you with lasting antimicrobial properties that continue to work while you wear, and for days after.

  • Why do you reccomend laundry karma on new fabrics

    Laundry Karma is best applied to new fabrics because new fabrics still have a tight knit or weave. This allows the agile silver to fit more snuggly into the pores of your clothes. Thus for best results, Laundry Karma is best used on newer fabrics, however, Agile silver is still effective on older garments.


  • How long does it take for namast-spray to work

    Namast-Spray starts working within seconds. For best results, we recommend waiting until dry before use.

  • It rained into my car, will Namast-spray remove the musky smell

    Yes Namast-Spray effectively eliminates the mold and mildew that causes that musky smell. Spray evenly and an adequate amount throughout your car. Wait a while and then re-apply.

  • How many pumps does it take for namast-spray to be effective

    Results may vary depending on the purpose. 2-3 spray in a single spot should be effective for most applications.

  • The Agile silver and the water seperated, is that okay.

    That is perfectly fine. Just shake Namast-Spray well before each use.

Agile Sport

  • What is the difference between Agile Sport and Namast-spray

    Agile Sport is smaller and made to be taken with you, wherever you go. It is also a slightly stronger formulation for the sweaty athletes out there.

  • Where do most people use Agile Sport

    Uses obviously vary widely but most people keep it in their gym bags, purses, and cars. Many people like having Agile Sport handy for a mid day spritz to remove odor.

Clean Face

  • What is the thread count

    Each pillow case has a thread count of 300. We have found that a high quality 300 thread count is optimal for durability and overall comfort.

  • What type of fabrics are the pillowcases made from

    Every pillowcase is made with high quality and locally grown cotton. Additionallyu, each pillowcase is handmade.

  • Is each pillow case handmade

    Yes. The handmade quality is why many pillowcases exhibit little human imperfections.

  • What size is each pillowcase

    Each Pillowcase fits on a queen size pillow.

  • Why is Cleanface not as prominent in the Agile Collection

    Cleanface is one of our legacy products. It was very popular in the past but Laundry Karma has made the Cleanface technology obsolete. We still sell the pillowcases for the select loyal customers who still want a pretreated pillowcase.

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