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Laundry Karma

Purify While You Wear

Laundry Karma Wash Booster

Laundry Karma

Like an immune system for your clothes

Our innovative Laundry Karma Wash Booster allows you to make any and all of your fabrics antimicrobial and extend their freshness.

• Made with pure all-natural silver
• Powerful antimicrobial properties
• Hypoallergenic and gentle on skin
• Dermatologist recommended to clear skin
• 120 wash loads in every bottle
• Binds to fabrics and lasts for days, even weeks
• Cleans anything your fabrics touch, in seconds


3 Easy Steps

1. Add 1 full dropper
of Laundry Karma

2. Soak If Possible,
Wash As Usual

3. Dry As Usual

Learn More About Our Wash Process
Learn More About Our Wash Process

Learn more about our wash process

Best Practices


Effective for 10+ Days of Use

A single Laundry Karma treatment can last up to 10+ days of use and will safely eliminate that clingy germs lying latent in your fabrics. Laundry Karma will extend the life of your clothes and keep you fresher, longer.

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Let The Good Karma Soak

Democratizing Silver

Agile is different and better than all other silver fabric brands because we give you the power to treat any of your own fabrics. Our innovation was to democratize the silver solution that other brands use in production. Up until now, infusing silver into fabrics required a complicated and expensive manufacturing process. We simplified it and made it work for you, on whatever fabrics you want. The same results now on your favorite fabrics and much cheaper.

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It's a Science

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