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The Secrect Ingredient: Elemental Silver

Agile uses innovative, high quality, silver compounds in all of our products to ensure ongoing fortification against microbes, bacteria, and odors on almost any porous surface.
When used on hard surfaces the protection is instant, when used on fabrics the protecting power binds to the cloth and lasts for days...even weeks!

Made with all-natural silver

• Safely kills bacteria, germs, and fungi
• Eliminates 99.9% of odor causing bacteria
• Effectively combats the germs that cause acne and blemishes
• Works quickly and is safe for children and pets

Your fabrics will love you

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Antimicrobial Silver

Natural Silver
Silver is a natural Earth element that is ultra-safe and hypoallergenic. It has been commonly utilized for its antimicrobial properties since as early as 4,000 B.C.E (The Romans loved silver).

Antimicrobial silver is still very frequently used in the medical field today, it's everywhere. Modern & holistic medical practitioners love silver because of its ionic properties which extinguish bacteria growth in a way that is mutation resistant ...unlike antibiotics.

Quick & Effective
Silver works in a quick and effective manner, unlike other normally referenced 'antimicrobials' like tea tree oil and cork. Silver is proven to significantly eliminate bacteria, mold and mildew within 30 seconds contact whereas tea tree oil and cork only begin to exhibit antimicrobial effects at around 30 minutes of exposure.

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Take the deep dive and learn more about the science of silver and it's effectiveness.
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We here at Agile use the highest-quality Earth-born silver compounds in production because we want to use it too. Our friends and family use Agile everyday and now so can you.

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