Wash Process – The Agile Elements Company
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Step 1:

Add Laundry Karma

You are about to enhance your belongings.

Start a laundry cycle that washes or soaks your things for minimum of 15 minutes. 

Add your detergent, as directed, and ONE DOSE of Agile's Laundry Karma. 

Now let Laundry Karma do the rest of the work!

Step 2:

Wash As Normal

Wash with Laundry Karma for at least 15 minutes

For added protection, or your first treatment:  

soak with water and Laundry Karma wash load for up to an hour. 

(with or without your detergent and fabric softener).

Easy on your clothes and adheres well with Agile products AND your wash items. 

Life is cleaner, happier, and less yucky when Laundry Karma protects you. 

Step 3:


When your wash cycle is complete, dry your clothes normally.

Congratulations your clothes just got upgraded!

Are you ready for fresher, ick-fighting fabrics? It fights future yucky stuff too. 

In about two weeks or 5-10 washes, life -and deterioration happens (remember what's in the lint trap). Re-up your bacteria fighting power with another easy treatment.

Order more when you are at or nearly out of Laundry Karma and keep your favorite things as clean as you ever have! 

A Tip From The Pros

Take special care when ironing. Prolonged exposure to high heat can harm the fabric and lessen the effects of Laundry Karma if so.

Do not use bleach, it can counteract Laundry Karma's boost effects.

Do not add the concentrate directly onto clothing. 

Do not get Laundry Karma concentrate onto your skin. If this should happen, immediately rinse with cool water and seek the help from an appropriate doctor if there is any reaction.